tirsdag 14. januar 2014

Mest leste dokumenter på Scribd

[Sakset fra min engelskspråklige, akademiske blogg Utopian Realism].

It's been a while since I've posted statistics about my Scribd page, where there are as of now 43 documents from my hand. As of today these documents have a total of 46,121 views, which means that on average each document has had more than 1,000 views. I have 19 followers and 36 likes.

Ranked by number of reads, this is those with at least 1,000 reads as of today:
1. Utopisk Realisme 2009: 3,759 reads
2. Utopisk Realisme 2010: 2,990 reads
4. Utopian Realism 2009: 1,775 reads
6. Historieløst om klima: 1,582 reads
7. Utopian Realism 2010: 1,486 reads
10. Burlesk vitenskapsparodi: 1,123 reads
13. Tidsvitne omslag [book cover]: 1,010 reads

The latest version of my CV, posted in February 2013, has 944 reads. Latest online version of my bibliography, posted February 2012, has 933 reads.

Some 2 years ago only 7 documents had more than 1,000 reads (but note that some versions of my CV and bibliography may reach 1,000 + and then be removed when updated). My blog collection for 2009 for Utopisk Realisme is leading now as then, attracting close to 1,000 reads per year. The most read academic article, The Statistician's Guide to Utopia: The Future of Growth, has in comparison had only 600 reads the last couple of years combined. The bio-translator - interview with biosemiotician Kalevi Kull has had close to 800 views the last 2 years, Om fluer og filosofi [interview with Arne Næss] only 2-300.

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