torsdag 15. mai 2014

Debattartikkel på "Hvorfor fortier fagmiljøer ved UiS om olje-etikk?"

[Klippet fra min akademiske, engelskspråklige blogg Utopian Realism]

On March 14th I published a debate article at the public debate pages of University of Stavanger entitled "Hvorfor fortier fagmiljøer ved UiS olje-etikk?" [Why do academic groups at the University of Stavanger remain silent on oil ethics?]. 

Ironically, the first reply, by Jon Skarpeid (a UiS employee), only appeared some 40 days later (!). About a week ago a second reply was posted by Per Hassel Sørensen (an R&D engineer). Sørensen writes that the University of Stavanger is ridiculed by the recent statements of Hans Borge (see criticism - in Norwegian), Head of Department at the university's Department of Petroleum Engineering. Borge basicly belives that the IPCC are fundamentally wrong, but has not been convincing in presenting alledged counter-facts.

Hans Borge, instituttleder ved UiS' Institutt for petroleumsteknologi

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