onsdag 16. mai 2012

Breivik og ondskapens problem - om dødsstraff og kristendom

Jeg har nettopp postet en kommentar i bloggen til min fetter Rune Hellerslia, Multicultural Dad. Rune har gjort amerikaner av seg. Kommentaren min, som angår Runes innlegg "Anders Breivik's trial and the problem of evil", er gjengitt i sin helhet under.
Dear cousin, 

you write: “Reactions among Norwegians vary. Some are calling for the death penalty (which is banned in Norway), and I agree that it would be an appropriate punishment to fit the crime. Others vehemently oppose a death sentence, but would rather focus on combating the twisted worldview Mr. Breivik espouses.” Luckily, not many are calling for the death penalty, and no increasing number of people either. Besides, how could the death penalty ever “be an appropriate punishment to fit the crime”? To fit the crime, as it were, we would have to kill Mr. Breivik and 76 of his friends and family, or of those who agree with him. Perhaps in a tyranny that would have been the response. But killing HIM? How would that “fit the crime” he committed? 

On a separate account, how is supporting the death penalty Christian (except in the sense of the Old Testament)? Did not Jesus tell us to love our enemies? 

A final question: How do you feel about Breivik having committed his act of terror in the name of Christianity, and with the motif of forging an alliance between Christian “nationalists” and other groups on the extreme right? 

PS: The death penalty is not “banned” in Norway, the law just doesn’t prescribe it.

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