lørdag 5. februar 2011

Roundtable om ulv i Oslo, oktober

[Sakset fra min engelskspråklige blogg Utopian Realism:]

The Oslo Minding Animals Pre-Conference event, "Shared Worlds", now has a webpage.


Today I've written a description of the roundtable on the shared worlds of wolves and people.
Humans and wolves have co-evolved. We have several species-characteristic behavioral patterns in common, among them being social hunters. To varying degrees, a wolf is human-like, and a human wolf-like. The Big Bad Wolf has given rise to a vivid cultural imagery – it is a symbol, a cultural icon, and an animal that is highly sensitive to our own evolving human ecology. In Scandinavia, wolf management is controversial and currently under political review. How are we to co-exist? How do our behaviors and management regimes shape the world of the wolf, and how do they shape us?

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