tirsdag 7. juni 2011

Radiokommentarer om sårbarheten i vår moderne pengeøkonomi

[Sakset fra min engelskspråklige blogg Utopian Realism]

As announced yesterday, I appeared on NRK P1 Sørlandet, a public regional Norwegian radio channel, this morning, concerning a bank strike which eventually did not materialize. Nevertheless June 6th - yesterday - was a historical day, as Norwegians have never withdrawn as much cash as yesterday on one and the same day. My perspective on a possible bank strike was threefold:
a) how we have come to depend on our monetary economy, and in effect spread this dependence globally through our development/aid policy (because we regard cultures without monetary economy as uncivilized)
b) how people deal with such modern shocks, being creative when in need (though such flexibility is more achievable in many 'less developed' economies, which are, ironically, less vulnerable in this respect)
c) the ways in which a contemporary bank strike would hit society compared to earlier bank strikes (e.g. 1976), illustrating our increased dependence on monetary economy and technology in our modern economy of scale
I was introduced as philosopher with master (hovedfag) in philosophy and a PhD underway in semiotics.


Morten Tønnessen

Mange land vi kaller "u-land" er mer fleksible enn Norge i krisetilstand tilsvarende

Norsk utviklingshjelp gjør andre kulturer like avhengige av pengeøkonomi som vi selv er

Radiokommentarer om sårbarheten i vår moderne pengeøkonomi

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